End of support is on March 31, 2021

Therefore it's time to upgrade AppMon & UEM to the new, all-in-one Dynatrace solution.

If you hold a perpetual AppMon & UEM license, you can continue running it unsupported. This is not recommended due to the lack of fixes and security patches! For that purpose, we will continue providing access to your product license (contact implementations@dynatrace.com) and the software.

However, it wouldn't be possible to open support tickets after March 31, 2021, except you have purchased extended or premium support. For further questions, see the FAQ below or post your question in the Open Q&A community.

Why upgrade to Dynatrace?

As the new Dynatrace software intelligence platform has evolved in capability and enterprise-readiness, it's time to upgrade Application Monitoring (AppMon) & User Experience Management (UEM) to the new, all-in-one Dynatrace solution.

The application monitoring you have been using until now was designed when containers, microservices, or web-scale didn’t even exist. Our next-generation Dynatrace platform masters the new hybrid, multi-cloud challenges with ease and brings together application performance, cloud infrastructure, and digital experience monitoring into an all-in-one, the automated solution with artificial intelligence powering its core. No stone (or line of code) was left unturned, and this includes our application monitoring capabilities!

How long will AppMon & UEM be supported?

March 31, 2021 is the last day Dynatrace will offer updates and technical support for AppMon & UEM. To better facilitate planning we are providing limited long-term support for AppMon 2018 October (7.2) to this date.

Is AppMon 2018 October (7.2) the last AppMon release?

Yes, AppMon 2018 October (7.2) is the last release. We will provide regular updates including fixes and security patches until the end of support.

My AppMon version is earlier than 2018 October (7.2). Is it worth updating to the latest AppMon version?

We recommend updating at least the AppMon server to the supported version, which can be achieved in a few hours without application/agent restarts. The collectors and agents can be updated with a step-by-step approach or on-demand, for example, if you need the latest update for a specific application/technology. For details please take a look at the upgrade and migration guide.

Will Dynatrace still provide updates for AppMon?

We released 27 updates since AppMon 2018 October (7.2) was released. These include resolved issues and new capabilities. Please make sure you are on the latest update and consider the supported technologies listed here.

Will I be able to use AppMon after the end-of-support (EoS) date?

Sure you will, if you hold a perpetual AppMon & UEM license, you can continue running it unsupported. This is not recommended due to the lack of fixes and security patches! 

Will it be possible to still download after the end-of-support (EoS) date?

Yes, customers (extended or premium extended customers)  and former AppMon customers are able to access our AppMon downloads.

Will it be possible to access eServices license management website after end-of-support?

The access of eServices depends not on the EoS date, but on the maintenance end date of your AppMon contract. If you hold a perpetual AppMon & UEM license, we will continue providing access to your product license (contact implementations@dynatrace.com) and the software.

What should I do if I need to update or reactivate my perpetual AppMon license?

Once your contract/maintenance ended, you cannot sign in to eservices.dynatrace.com anymore, which means you can't perform any self-service action, like reactivating the license. In this case, please contact implementations@dynatrace.com for assistance.

Is AppMon 2018 October (7.2) the last AppMon release?

Yes, AppMon 2018 October (7.2) is the last release. 

What do I need to do to upgrade to Dynatrace?
  • If you haven’t yet, take a look at the new Dynatrace platform.
  • Start to plan your upgrade now, so it will be completed by March 2021. 
  • Contact your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager to assist you in the upgrade.
Is there any difference in licensing between AppMon and the Dynatrace platform?

AppMon is licensing its agent based on the number of instrumented processes, depending on the technology (details see can be found here).

Given the fact that the OneAgent instruments automatically all process on a host and even any virtual host or containers running on it, this model doesn’t scale well at all.

Therefore we decided to use so-called host units, which are bound to the RAM of a host, regardless of how many processes are monitored.

For UEM visits the equivalent on the Dynatrace side are RUM sessions. They are licensed via DEM units (digital experience management).
Please take a look at the Dynatrace help for further details.

Please contact your Account Manager or Customer Success Manager to assist you with the license conversion.

How can I try out Dynatrace?

Start your Dynatrace Free Trial to experience all features of Dynatrace. If you prefer to run Dynatrace on-premise you should use our Managed offering. Please contact your Account Manager or CSM for further information.

Can I migrate my AppMon data to the new Dynatrace platform?

The Dynatrace platform has been built from scratch to handle the new challenges with innovative concepts like Smartscape or automatic anomaly detection. It is not possible to migrate data from a 2nd generation application performance solution (AppMon), to the 3rd generation monitoring the Dynatrace platform, due to the much broader solution and its innovative concepts. 

Are all AppMon features available in the new Dynatrace platform?
  • AppMon and Dynatrace are using the same agents (they are called code modules in Dynatrace), which means we are capturing the same data from your Java, .NET, PHP, etc. processes. One huge gain of Dynatrace is the OneAgent, which makes deployment so much easier and gives additional value in analyzing host metrics, log files and understand the network topology. 
  • Based on that, the new Dynatrace platform is capable of giving a holistic view of your environment out-of-the-box, called Smartscape
  • Last but not least, Davis, our AI engine, automatically processes billions of dependencies to serve up precise answers.

So long story short, it makes no sense to make a feature to feature comparison when upgrading to an all-in-one solution, which provides answers instead of "only" data. You need to experience the difference for yourself, so start your Dynatrace Free Trial today!

Of course, the Dynatrace platform has unrivaled technology support, including enterprise technologies like TIBCO, IBM Integration Bus, MQ, z/OS CICS or IMS.

Is a hybrid deployment (AppMon + Dynatrace) within the same environment possible?

Yes, it is possible to monitor parts of your environment with AppMon and other parts with the Dynatrace platform during your conversion, to avoid a big bang deployment. Although you would not get an end-to-end PurePath, it is possible to stream data in real-time from AppMon to Dynatrace and to search for PurePaths across solutions.

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