Problem description

There may be a need to access CAS anonymously - without providing credentials.


CAS and ADS allow the administrator to generate a string related to particular user. Such string, when added to a given CAS URL, will let it to be accessed without providing credentials.

  1. Log in to your CAS and find the entire URL of the page you would like to see after autologin.
  2. On CSS, find the user name (and its password) you will use to log in. Create it if needed.
    On CAS, open Tools -> Advanced -> Commands console and execute the following command:
    where login and password are credentials of the user from step 2.
  3. The command generates a string that will be used for automatic login.
  4. Add the &uid= string at the end of the URL saved in step 1. and then add the string from step 3.

Such URL won't ask you for the credentials. Be aware that once we open such URL, we will be able to navigate over entire CAS according to the rights of selected user.

As shown in the example, with user "adam" and password "adam1", it gives the "kYzMENBMzJDQkUyREVBRkQ1Qjk5OUM5OEU5N0Q1QzM=" string.

The desired URL is:


So the entire autologin URL will look like below:


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