Product Updates

New Release Available

The latest release of Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring is available as of May 12, 2016. This release includes enhancements to upgrade the Dynatrace Portal to support the upgrades to the Dynatrace Performance Network, a new Retry on Error setting for Transaction Failure alerts in Backbone tests can prevent false alerts, and the Web Recorder in the Dynatrace Portal is now GAFor details, including a list of the resolved issues for this release, see the Synthetic Monitoring Platform 2016 May Release Notes.

Also check out:

Dynatrace Portal Early Acccess Program

We're excited to announce the new version of the Dynatrace Synthetic Portal will be available soon for early access. The Portal has been modernized to provide streamlined workflows, simplified navigation, and new Performance views. New features include custom dashboards that are quick and easy to create, providing meaningful views in identifying and resolving potential problems. This EAP will be available in late May. Learn more about our early access programs

Network Merger Information

Stay up to date on our Network Merger Information. Please be sure to take a few moments and click on the links below to read through the FAQs and schedules so you are aware of any upcoming maintenance windows. To get an email notification when the page is updates, click Watch at the top of the page.


Want to enhance your scripting skills?  Check out the Custom Scripting Examples to add advanced features to your Dynatrace Recorder scripts, such as:

  • Using dynamic dates
  • Accommodating dynamic selections and forms content
  • Handling iFrames
  • Using conditional actions
  • Managing cookies
  • Importing JavaScript libraries

Community Updates

  • Sign up to receive Synthetic Monitoring news alerts sent directly to your email inbox. Get timely information about the latest release updates, early access programs, events & webinars, as well as general Community news. Learn more about how to sign up.
  • The Open Q&A forums are now truly open! We've lifted the login requirements for these forums to allow you to search for answers using your browser's favorite search engine. Note that you'll still need to login to participate. Learn more about our new open forums.

Dynatrace University

  • Summer is warming up and so is the lineup of vILT! We are doubling down and just released 14 new sessions! Our last 10 sessions have been sold out, so hurry while there are still available seats. Buy now, attend later, but don’t end up on the waiting list!

  • Want to stand out in the Dynatrace community? Look no further than our outstanding certification program. Check out our guided learning paths to properly prepare you to be Associate or Professional certified. Already certified? Make sure to login to Dynatrace University to check your certification status in My Learning.

  • Are you learning and experimenting with your DevOps environments? Can’t find the needle in the code stack? Schedule a private one-on-one vCafe session with Dynatrace’s best practitioners to accelerate your understanding of the Dynatrace platform.


Dynatrace in the News

  • Check out The 2016 Digital Experience Report for a comparative performance assessment for the largest companies across six major industries — banking, brokerage, insurance, media, retail, and travel.


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