Product Updates

Planned Maintenance March 23

On Thursday, March 23, 2017, at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Time, we will perform scheduled maintenance on the Last Mile infrastructure. During the maintenance window, the Last Mile, Private Last Mile, and Mobile platforms will remain available; and measurements and alerts will continue to function. However, there may be a slight reduction in fill rates during the maintenance window.

Customers who are using whitelisting will need to update their lists to reflect the new IP assignments.

DNS NameOld IP AddressChange To...

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Ref: CMR-2577

Changes to the Synthetic Benchmarks Program

Exciting changes are coming to Dynatrace’s competitive performance benchmarking program.To continue delivering the most defensible intelligence, we will be modifying our program to align with the way modern sites are built, and with the metrics that support advanced performance management. For details, see Dynatrace Synthetic Benchmark Updates and Dynatrace Synthetic Benchmark Updates: Key Dates. If you have questions, concerns, or ideas, feel free to reach out to the benchmark team via

Early Access Program

Go to for a preview of new features and enhancements planned for the next release. This EAP feature was recently added to the EAP Portal:

  • New analysis workflows – Drill down through the new Test details page to the waterfall chart from entry pages throughout the Dynatrace Portal. 
  • Interactive Flex usage report – The Account usage tab of the Account settings page displays your plan details along with a chart and table that charts your usage month-to-date, for a selected month in the last year, or for the last 12 months. This report also lists your overages if any, and the overage cost in the currency defined for your account.
  • Web Recorder enhancements
    • Script action – Add JavaScript to the transaction to handle programmed features of your website.
    • Navigate action – You can now add a Navigate action anywhere in the transaction after you finish recording.
    • File action – Upload a file to the website during the transaction.
    • Disable an action – "Comment out" an action to test the effect of removing it from the transaction before your permanently delete it.
  • New Operations dashboards – In the My dashboards page, you can create and manage operations dashboards to monitor the health of your tests and testing locations. These dashboards are listed in the My dashboards page along with your custom dashboards with chart tiles.


If you haven’t yet tried these EAP features, check them out now:

  • Error analysis page – For a selected test or all tests, identify patterns of availability errors, focus on tests that have errors, and view information that can help you troubleshoot and resolve performance problems. 
  • Synthetic tile enhancements – You can filter the Details view of Synthetic tiles in custom dashboards, by Status (severity), Product (test type), and Browser. Click the Errors value for a test to drill down to the Error analysis page
  • Folder management page – You can group your related tests into a folder for easy management. Use the new Folder management page to create folders and assign tests to them. 
  • Alert log UI enhancements – Icons next to the test name identify the test type and browser agent for each alert. The filter pane to the left of the alert list makes it easy to filter by test name, alert type, alert progression, and test type. 
  • Custom dashboard enhancements – In the Details view of a chart tile, you can chart the data by a selected series, such as Contributor Groups, Region, ISP, or Step, corresponding to the Group By criteria in Interactive Charts.
  • Drill down from the Error analysis page to the Test details page. This page displays metrics critical to the user experience. From the Test details, you can drill down to the enhanced Waterfall chart.


Must See Synthetic Monitoring Webinar on March 23

Register for the What's Awesome in Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring Spring 2017 webinar at:

Join us on Thursday, March 23, 2017, 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon Eastern Time for a live interactive Synthetic Monitoring webinar. Don’t miss this chance to interact with our Product Management team and help shape the product roadmap with your feedback.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Meet the Dynatrace Synthetic Support Team

Get to know Vaughn Pinette and Christina Bryant our featured Dynatrace Synthetic support engineers for this month.

Meet the entire Dynatrace Synthetic Support team committed to your success. 

Community Content

Avoid "False Positive" Backbone Alerts

When you configure a Transaction Failure alert for a Backbone test, turn on Retry on Error to avoid "false positive" failure alerts. If a test fails because of certain network or Internet conditions, the test is automatically re-run. If the second run succeeds, the failed run is discarded, so you don't get an alert for a one-time condition. 

W3C Metrics in the Dynatrace Portal

To display data for W3C metrics, enable Include client (non-network) time in results in the Test Settings. You can also collect W3C metrics through the Synthetic Monitoring REST API.




Dynatrace University

New Associate and Professional vSeries dates for Advanced Synthetic added! Reserve your seat now before its too late! Don't see a date that works for your organization? Please email Dynatrace University to reserve a private session.

Interested in certification? Is your certification about to expire? Hundreds already certified this year so don't fall behind your peers, get certified now! Check out our re-designed, and simple dashboard to hep get you started here.

Login now for prescriptive and guided learning paths designed to help accelerate your digital performance journey. Have content that you would like to share with Dynatrace Community? Upload your video now and start building your brand! Are you keeping up with what's new? Check out some of the latest video content available for Advanced Synthetic here.

Looking for University enhancements? Want to see a new feature come to life? Our team is always looking for new and exciting challenges, and we would like to hear from you. Please submit your idea by April 1st to Dynatrace University.

Dynatrace Expert Services (DXS)

Are You Visually Complete?

As a Senior Technology Strategist in the Center of Excellence at Dynatrace, Klaus Enzenhofer has deep experience gleaned from years of developing and running large-scale web and mobile applications for online businesses. Now read his recent blog and discover Visually Complete—AI-powered technology that will detect how fast a web application renders above the fold content on a user’s device screen. Find out what this new technology--integrated into both real user and synthetic monitoring--means for you and your customers.


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