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Dynatrace Portal Early Access Program

The Early Access Program for the new version of the Dynatrace Portal is available to all Dynatrace Synthetic customers. The EAP Portal features streamlined workflows and simplified navigation. New features include a Performance Analytics overview page and custom dashboards that are quick and easy to create. For details, see the Dynatrace Synthetic Portal EAP page. For information about the new features, see the Dynatrace Portal Early Access Program pages in the documentation.

Monitoring Android and iOS Mobile Apps

Use scripted HTTP calls in synthetic tests to monitor the performance and availability of the service the mobile app depends on. Integrate Dynatrace Synthetic with Application Monitoring to view real user data and synthetic data side-by-side in Dynatrace Web. See Monitoring Native Mobile Applications in the documentation for details.

Browser Support for Dynatrace Synthetic

Get up-to-date information about the browser versions supported for Dynatrace Synthetic:

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Network Merger Information

Stay up to date on our Network Merger Information. Please be sure to take a few moments and click on the links below to read through the FAQs and schedules so you are aware of any upcoming maintenance windows. To get an email notification when the page is updates, click Watch at the top of the page.


Did you know, you can now re-execute a test if it fails?  We now have Retry on Error available.  Click here for how to set it up and here for the release notes to learn more.  This setting is available only for Single URL tests, including Web Recorder transactions that contain only one step.


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Please join us on Wednesday, July 13th from 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT for a live interactive Synthetic Monitoring webinar. Don’t miss this chance to interact with our Product Management team and help shape the product roadmap with your feedback!

What's New in the Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring July Platform Webinar


Join us to learn about the exciting recent updates and new enhancements coming to the platform in July, including:

  • Our new web-based recorder for easy scripting (already available)
  • Our new retry on error capability (already available)
  • Our easy-to-use custom dashboarding capabilities along side our new Performance Analytics dashboard with new and improved navigation and workflows
  • A peek around the corner of some exciting new advancements in anomaly detection and diagnostics
  • An update on our progress of the convergence with the Keynote platform


Mark Burns, Director of Product Management
Mark Eshelby, Product Manager
Paul Styles, Product Manager
James Farley, Product Manager
Peter Varhol, Product Manager and Community Evangelist
Alex Francouer, Product Manager
Karthik Chandramohan, Product Manager

Event Details


When: Wed, Jul 13, 2016 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time


To join this online event from your computer, tablet or smartphone:


Community Member of the Month (May – 2016)

Please join us in recognizing the Dynatrace Community contributions of a very prolific community member, Ulf T.  Read all about Ulf’s contributions in May and a little about his philosophy of sharing here.

Community Updates

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Dynatrace University

  • Learn how to measure and compare your mobile and web channels with the world’s best testing network while attending a Synthetic Monitoring Virtual Instructor Led Training (vILT)! Get hands on with the tool and quantify the breadth and impact of performance issues everywhere your customers are. Register now!
  • Get certified and become your organization’s trusted advisor. Have your organization instill trust in you to ensure your key web, mobile, cloud and streaming pages and transactions perform properly from all user locations, all the time. Certification is currently available at both the Associate and Professional level. Get ahead of the competition!

Dynatrace in the News

Check out the new PurePerformance podcast series and learn the brutal truth about digital performance engineering and operations.


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