Product Updates

Early Access Program

Go to for a preview of new features and enhancements planned for the next release. These EAP features were recently added to the EAP Portal:

  • Error analysis page – For a selected test or for all tests, identify patterns of availability errors, focus on tests that have errors, and view information that can help you troubleshoot and resolve performance problems. See the help page Error Analysis for details.
  • Synthetic tile enhancements – You can filter the Details view of Synthetic tiles in custom dashboards, by Status (severity), Product (test type), and Browser. Click the Errors value for a test to drill down to the Error analysis page.

If you haven’t yet tried these EAP features, check them out now:

  • Folder management page – You can group your related tests into a folder for easy management. Use the new Folder management page to create folders and assign tests to them. See the help page Folder Management Page.
  • Alert log UI enhancements – Icons next to the test name identify the test type and browser agent for each alert. The filter pane to the left of the alert list makes it easy to filter by test name, alert type, alert progression, and test type. For more details, see the help page Alert Logs.
  • Custom dashboard enhancements – In the Details view of a chart tile, you can chart the data by a selected series, such as Contributor Groups, Region, ISP, or Step, corresponding to the Group By criteria in Interactive Charts.

Meet the Dynatrace Synthetic Support Team

Review more recently published interviews to get to know your Dynatrace Synthetic support team members better:

Nicole Groves

Dynatrace Synthetic Support Team


Community Content

Troubleshoot Your Backbone Tests

Are you seeing performance issues in your Backbone tests? Use the Data Investigation Guide to diagnose and resolve them. The guide contains troubleshooting procedures and workarounds for Backbone tests that have failed runs, slow response times, missed alerts, or other issues.

Help Customer Support Help You

When you open a Support ticket, provide as much information as you can about your issue, so Customer Support can quickly analyze the issue and provide the help you need. See the Community page Synthetic Monitoring - Getting Support for a list of the information to provide in your ticket, and guidelines for assigning a severity level to the issue.




 Dynatrace University

If you’re already familiar with the tremendous resources you have available in Dynatrace University — or even if you’ve never visited our online learning center before — get ready for a whole new world at your fingertips. 

Dynatrace University dot NEXT is here!

Watch this video to see what’s new

  • No login required! Easily navigate over 700+ readily available training videos for every Dynatrace power module.
  • It’s supported by a backbone of agile technologies for browsing content at lightning speed — anywhere in the world.
  • A new, simplified e-commerce and training registration process makes learning easier than ever.
  • You can also share your own APM content — including insights and tips for other users — by uploading and managing your own training videos.

We’ve used data gathered from tens of thousands of user experiences from the last four years to make the new Dynatrace University your university. There’s nothing else like it. See for yourself!



Dynatrace Expert Services (DXS)

Perform 2017 will feature sessions from 60+ of your peers and other professionals about how to build a winning digital performance strategy. Managing complexity, shift to the cloud, monitoring web chaos: there is something for everyone, along with hands-on training, in-depth education and certification. You can even visit the team of DXS experts in-person at the Performance Café. Register now here.

Don’t miss the webinar on January 19: “2016 Holiday Retail Tech Recap” featuring the editor-in-chief of Internet Retailer discussing key lessons learned during the recent holiday shopping season with David Jones of Dynatrace and Venkat Rayapudi of Neiman Marcus.

Questions to be answered include:

  • What are the new requirements to best serve digital customers?
  • What made performance great for leading retailers like Neiman Marcus?
  • How can you assess your holiday performance and prepare for the year ahead?

Register now to attend.

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