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dynaLearn Webinar "Load Testing Made Easy with dynaTrace 4.2" - August 1, 2012

Learn how to quickly identify problems in your load test environment.

  • New integration options with load testing tools
  • Introducing our new load testing dashboard
  • Overview of Gomez 360° Web Load Testing integration

Please feel free to add your questions and remarks as comments below!

The video above is hosted on YouTube. If YouTube is unavailable in your organization, please use this player.

Other Resources

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Dynatrace Community Webinars
Classroom Course Schedule

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  1. excellent webinar. Can you also talk about how to automate the reporting of all this data, for every tagged web request...

    Also, how to enable drill-down into Dynatrace from an external load tool, like Loadrunner.. similar to how you have enabled for Gomez.

    1. You can extract data through the REST Interface as described here: Reporting REST
      The drilldown to data from an external tool can also be done through REST as described here: Client REST Interface

      Let us know if this helps. Otherwise I am happy to put a more detailed webinar about this on the calendar. More input on areas that you would like to have covered would be great


      1. yeah some webinars on test automation and trending/reporting across multiple code builds will really help.