To complete your setup you need to connect the Dynatrace AppMon Client with the Dynatrace AppMon Server and activate your Personal License.  You can either use the local Dynatrace AppMon Client which you have installed with the basic installation (Windows only), or you can install the Dynatrace AppMon Client on a different/remote machine to access the Dynatrace AppMon Server. Additionally you can also launch the Dynatrace AppMon Client via the Java Webstart protocol if your browser supports this.

For Mac: Just download the Mac Client from the link below. Java 8 is recommended to run that Client. So - make sure you got Java 8 installed! Then just simply drag the .dmg file into your Applications Folder and you should be ready to go!

Got questions or are struggling? Click here and send me an emaill!

If you have selected the basic installation option for Windows in the previous step you have already installed the Dynatrace AppMon Client together with the other Dynatrace AppMon components on the same machine. You should be able to just launch the client from the start menu or the desktop icon.

If you want to install the Dynatrace AppMon Client on a different machine than your Dynatrace AppMon Server use the installers below:

If your browser supports the Java Webstart protocol you can launch the Dynatrace AppMon Client directly from the Dynatrace AppMon Server. Make sure the Dynatrace AppMon Server is started first. Then navigate to  https://<dynatrace server ip>:8021 and select the webstart option.

Launching the Dynatrace AppMon Client for the first time

When you are launching the Dynatrace AppMon Client for the first time it will try to connect to a local Dynatrace AppMon Server by default. If you have installed the Dynatrace AppMon server on a remote machine you will need to provide it's IP or DNS name.

(optional) If you get prompted for a username and password on the first connect do not use your community credentials but use the default credentials (user: admin, password: admin). (Usually the client should connect automatically with these credentials unless the connection fails or times out for some reason).


Activate Installation

The Dynatrace AppMon Client will prompt you to install a license on the first launch. To do so please login with your community ID credentials you used during registration.

If you don't remember your community ID password you can reset it here.

If you have no possibility to connect your client you can also import the license file you received via email. If you haven't received that file contact us. We will provide you with a license file for manual installation. Please also note that you can not use the trial license on multiple installations. Once it has been installed it's bound to the installation. Of course we can extend it if needed.



Once your license key is installed and activated you are ready to connect application agents to your system:

Next Step: Connect Applications


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