RedHat Linux machines with SElinux enabled.

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multiple problems have been reported depending on the actual settings of SElinux.
Some reported issues were
1. Cannot install dynaTrace (permission denied)
2. Cannot install dynaTrace (jar file not found)
3. access denied errors and preventing the Web Server agent from loading


The Dynatrace product is not tested with SElinux enabled on Redhat.
If your SElinux administrator cannot resolve the issue you are experiencing using/installing the dynaTrace product it is recommend that you turn SElinux OFF (disabled).

See your Redhat documentation for details on SElinux configurations.

To completely disable SElinux you can do the following

In the /etc/selinux/config file change the line



depending on your machine a reboot may be required after making the above change to the /etc/selinux/config file

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  1. The only other thing I can report is that UEM doesn't seem to work with apache when running SELINUX. Disabling fixed it.