AppMon: all versions


The Network Contribution column in the Visits Detail view is not showing data.


To get the Network Contribution metric, please enable following configurations in the applicable System Profile. 

  • Enable the Measure Request/Response Size" check box in sensor properties. 
  1. In the applicable System Profile, select the Agent group you want to configure. 
  2. Click Sensor Configuration.
  3. Click the Properties link in the Options column for either the Servlets, Java Web Services, or Web Server sensor. The Configure Sensor Properties dialog box appears.
  4. Select the Measure request/response sizes check box. as shown. 

  • Set the Calculate Bandwidth option in User Experience Management. 
  1. In the applicable System Profile, click User Experience
  2. Click the tab of the application requiring the changes, or click the Default Application tab to make a change that affects all application in the System Profile.
  3. Scroll to and expand the Web Applications section.
  4. Select the Calculate Bandwidth and refresh check box and click Apply.

Note: The Mobile Agent only detects connection and network type. Because of the impact on user data plans, the bandwidth is not calculated and does not display for mobile applications. Since network contribution uses the bandwidth in its calculation, it is also not determined.