Affected version: all


The auto sensor is enabled, but Purepath cannot be seem.


Couple of reason may cause the issue. You have any custom frameworks or any type of batch-processing application

An entry point is a method of your application that
- can be seen as the start of a transaction,
e.g.: Web Request Handler

- Defines the beginning of a Server side Purepath.
e.g.:Servelet.doGet or ASP.NET Page.ProcessRequest

- Out of the box sensors define common Java/.NET Entry Points
e.g.: Java Servlet, ASP.NET Pages, Java/.NET Web Services WPF/WinForms/AWT/SWING Handle

How to Define Entry Points?
Step 1: Optionally create a separate Sensor Group
Step 2: Use the Class Browser an add your method
Step 3: Configure the Method to start a new PurePath in the Overview