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The agent  starts without instrumentation. The following warning message can be seen in the Agent Overview and the agent log:

"instrumentation disabled since the agent could not connect during startup"



1. Recommended solution:

* Make sure your agents and collectors are in the same network, and the network is fast and stable;

* Make sure there is no firewall or load balance between your agents and collectors;

* Make sure you are not using an embedded collector and your collectors meet the sizing requirements


In any case, all agents that have not connected to the collector initially must be restarted for a new instrumentation attempt. Until then, no PurePaths can be recorded by these agents.


Please note: a temporary connection problem to the collector after successful instrumentation does not require an agent restart.


2. If the error persists, increase timeout. Edit the agentpath command line parameter to increase the value of "transformationmaxavgwait" explicitly like in the example bellow:

agentpath:<DYNATRACE_HOME>\agent\lib\dtagent.dll=name=agentname,server=<DT collector server name>:9998,transformationmaxavgwait=120

Root Cause

A successful connection to the collector is required during application startup to instrument the application code. If the agent cannot connect to the collector, it gives up eventually to not delay application startup for too long.