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easyTravel offers some scenarios which do load resources from easyTravel's own third party service. This service is simulated by a separate server which is additionally started when such an scenario is selected as shown in the following figure.

Out-of-the-box Behavior

As the third party server and easyTravel are hosted on the same host both of them will by default be accessed via the same URI. As shown in the following figure the resources loaded from the third party server are not recognized to be foreign as the content will be provided by server bound to http://localhost:8092.

Configure Third Party Server

In order to detect this server as third party component we need to change the URI to a foreign one. The necessary changes for that are described in the following.

Modify hosts file

Add the following URIs to your hosts file located at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts.

Adjust easyTravel configuration properties

Modify to enable third party content server to bind to the simulated domain name. Please ensure that the entries defined in the hosts file match the entries stated in the file.



The following figure shows that the resources loaded from the third party server are now recognized as third party content as the content will be provided by servers bound to foreign URIs.

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