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dynaTrace Labs provides this dynaTrace Agent for MacOS 10.5+. It enables you to instrument Java Applications running on these three versions of MacOS.


In case you are using the dynaTrace 3.5.0 Agent extract the attached zip file to your application server. If you are using the dynaTrace 3.5.1 Agent - install the agent by using the following command: "java -jar dynatrace-agent-*.jar" and follow the instructions. The dynaTrace Agent is injected in the same way as you would inject a the dynaTrace Java Agent on the other supported dynaTrace environments. For a detailed description please see Java Agent Configuration

Known limitations

  • Host monitoring is not fully supported for the dynaTrace Agent for MacOS X, other ways of retrieving platform related measurements can be used as a workaround.


We are interested in your feedback on this agent. Please report any problems or suggestions either on this page as comment or by posting a thread on the dynaTrace Forum.

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  1. Does this also work on Mountain Lion, because I get the following error in my Weblogic Logfile:

    Could not find agent library /Applications/Development/dynatrace-4.2.0/agent/lib/libdtagent.dylib in absolute path, with error: no suitable image found. Did find: /Applications/Development/dynatrace-4.2.0/agent/lib/libdtagent.dylib: mach-o, but wrong architecture

    1. The most common reason for this message is that the architecture of the dynaTrace Agent and the used JVM do not match - e.g. using a 32bit Agent with a 64bit JVM or a 64 bit Agent with a JVM in 32 bit mode (-d32)

  2. If a customer has Java running on their MAC and they try out this experimental agent and they decide to buy it, will there be support for it?


    1. The MAC Agent is currently community support which means that there is no official support by engineering in case there are problems. I am sure we will help looking into issues - BUT - in the moment it is not officially supported - regardless on whether somebody buys an Agent to be used for MAC or not. The more customers we get using a MAC Agent the more likely it is that the lab will look into officially supporting it in future versions

  3. One thing to note, if you install the agent into your user's Applications directory (as opposed to the system-wide /Applications), you still need to use the absolute path instead of the tilde shortcut for the agent path. For example:

        $ java -agentpath:~/Applications/dynatrace-6.0.0/agent/lib64/libdtagent.dylib -jar myApplication.jar
    Error occurred during initialization of VM
    Could not find agent library ~/Applications/dynatrace-6.0.0/agent/lib64/libdtagent.dylib in absolute path, with error: dlopen(~/Applications/dynatrace-6.0.0/agent/lib64/libdtagent.dylib, 1): image not found

    The above doesn't work, but this does:

        $ java -agentpath:/Users/Foo/Applications/dynatrace-6.0.0/agent/lib64/libdtagent.dylib -jar myApplication.jar