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Name and Version

ServiceNow Action Plugin v1.0.7

Compatible with

dynatrace version >= 6.2


Asad Ali


dynaTrace Experimental Software License


Support Level

Community Supported




An action plugin that creates a ticket in ServiceNow upon incident trigger




Import the Plugin into the dynaTrace Server. For details how to do this please refer to the Online Documentation on Plugin Management.


This action plugin creates a new incident ticket in ServiceNow. The following information is required for this plugin to work:

  1. Domain: This is the url for the ServiceNow instance. Do include http or https as part of the url. - Required Field
  2. User: User Id that has the authority to open a ticket. - Required Field
  3. Password: Password for the above user. - Required Field
  4. AssignTo: The name of the user to whom the ticket will be assigned to. This maps to the "assigned_to" field in ServiceNow. - Optional Field
  5. Impact: This maps to the "impact" field in ServiceNow. - Required Field
  6. Urgency: This maps to the "urgency" field in ServiceNow. - Required Field
  7. Priority: This maps to the "priority" field in ServiceNow. - Required Field
  8. Configuration Item: This maps to the "Configuration item" field in ServiceNow. - Optional Field
  9. Contact Type: This maps to the "contact_type" field in ServiceNow. - Optional Field
  10. Category: This maps to the "category" field in ServiceNow. - Required Field
  11. Subcategory: This maps to the "subcategory" field in ServiceNow. - Optional Field
  12. Assignment Group: This maps to the "assignment_group" field in ServiceNow. - Optional Field
  13. Company: This maps to the "company" field in ServiceNow. - Optional Field

The version 1.0.7 of this plugin now allows you to change the uri that is added to the domain. By default, the uri that is appended is



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  1. Good timing!  Was just looking for this today.  Does the incident detail get populated in the ticket or do we have to hard code every value?

    1. It will auto populate the details. 

  2. I have the updated version of this. along with this I am in the process of building a document and Update set for ServiceNow.

  3. Asad, how do we go about with custom category/sub category types? We don't use all the standard ones.

    1. Gabe,

      If we make the category/sub category as optional, would that work for you?

      1. I don't think so. We would definitely want to use both of those fields. A string value would work, but we would all lose the convenience of a drop down list. Are there any easy ways to add a text file as a "lookup" for the list?

  4. Gabe,

    Category is pre populated, so it will require customization of the plugin.  Let me re-examine how to do this and I'll contact you.  Are you with Academy?

  5. Gabe,
    I've updated the plugin, making Category a text input field instead of a dropdown list.  
    Just make, for all text inputs, you type in the text exactly as it's in your service now instance.
    "Company" was added initially for the client who we developed this for,  so if  you don't use that field, you can leave it blank.

    One other thing I've noticed with Service now - There's a configuration in Service Now called Priority Lookup Rules which manages what the Impact, Urgency and Priority can be.  Either there can be no rules, rules can exist but be set to not active, or there can be no rules.  Make sure to check that property in your service now configuration so you know which combinations of the three dropdowns for those fields you can use.  If you have no rules set, you're fine, but if rules are set, you'll have to follow those.   

    1. Ok. will get with our SN developer and check everything and I'll let you know if we run into any other issues.


      Thank you for the quick turnaround.

      1. Thanks for supplying real-world feedback!

  6. Brian/Asad,

    Is there a way to make the plugin use a proxy?  I have tried updating the IE proxy on the server (Windows Server 2008 R2), but it does not use it and still tries to go directly to service-now.



    Eric Schwartz

    1. Eric

      The plugin is currently set to send data to the url that you supply during the setup. If you are setting the plugin to go to a proxy, it should use it. Can you enable the logging to a FINE level and send me the log files?

      1. Asad,

        I have the log file, but I cannot see your e-mail address.  How would you like to proceed; I can provide mine if you would like.



  7. Hi Asad. 

    I have plugin installed and its started creating individual service now ticket for each incident from the dynatrace. Instead is there a way that we can notify servicenow to update the same ticket as long as the subject line remains same. We have the smart Alerting enabled, but with that I see it stops creating a new ticket but it does not update the same ticket to know how many times we had the threshold crossed. Please advise

    1. This should be achieved by changing the target table to a import set table and script to identify the incident state, CMDB for insert or update into Incident table

  8. This looks very useful! Exactly what I am looking for.

    There seems to be a "Event Management" module to ServiceNow, does anyone know if this plugin can be used to send events the same way as incidents?

    1. I am not having much knowledge on dyntrace, but if the same incidents can be customized by reducing the thresholds and pushed to Events table of ServiceNow. for this you need to change the dynatrace plugin to direct to your event or import table by changing the below line and also the variable names.

      private final static String DOMAIN_APPEND = "/api/now/table/incident";

      Also ServiceNow event management has option of connecting to most of Major monitoring tools directly.



      1. Hello,

        As someone successfully generated event instead of incident with this plugin?

  9. Has anyone got this running with 6.3?

    1. Rishi

      Are you having trouble using this plugin for 6.3? If so, can you send me the dynatrace server log?

  10. The latest jar 1.06 works with 6.3 and proxy as well - thanks for the update Asad!

  11. Dear all!

    I've one question, i can use this PLUGIN to close an incident too?

    Thanks in advance...


  12. Hello,

    I tried to install the plugin v1.06 on AppMon 6.5.8, but it showed an exclamation mark in the 'Dependencies Resolved' column. Opening the details didn't make me wiser. 

    When removing it and reinstalling v1.03 the problem didn't occur.

    Does this plugin create error entries? In which logfile? 
    Thanks a lot,


    1. Denis

      I just installed it on 6.5.9 and it works fine. Can you send me the Dyatrace server log to

  13. Is it possible to add more values to the "Priority" field ? 

    1. Rejith

      What additional value to do you want to put in Priority field?

  14. Hi,

    From the java file on github, i saw that a static value for  "domain append" is being used. 

    private final static String DOMAIN_APPEND = "/api/now/table/incident";

    It will be very handy if you can make this domain_append; a configurable field. 

    By sending the payload to the following ServiceNow's OOB (out of the box) table level static REST API. https://(your-instance name)" . You are forcing the recipient system in this case ServiceNow, to insert the values as such without any further processing; which is usually not the case. Ideally ServiceNow, would want to receive a payload which then can be processed  before inserted into ServiceNow DB. In this scenario, ServiceNow would write a "Scripted Rest service". The scripted REST service, will have a different URL/Endpoint. A sample URL of a custom webservice https://(your-instance name)

    By making "domain append" a configurable field, you can enable servicenow to receive the payload via desired API (interface)

    1. Rahul

      I will make that field configurable. Give me a day or so.

      1. Rahul

        I have uploaded version 1.0.7 that allows you to change the domain append value.

    2. Hello,

      I had exactly the same situation yesterday. So I decided to modify the plugin on my end.

      It's a great addition.

      My customer required even something more flexible: they have a custom table with custom fields. So I needed to update the JSON definition as well. Maybe this is going a little too far?