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Dynatrace Sample Application

Dynatrace AppMon Sample Application

easyTravel for Dynatrace AppMon
Download the new Dynatrace AppMon Sample Application.
For additional information feel free to watch the YouTube Tutorial on "Evaluate Dynatrace with easyTravel"

Dynatrace Tutorial - CenturyLink Blueprint 

Dynatrace CenturyLink Blueprint
Documentation and instructions on how to deploy Dynatrace AppMon in CenturyLink.

Dynatrace Free Trial Utilizing CenturyLink Blueprint
Documentation and instructions on how to start Dynatrace AppMon Free Trial in CenturyLink.


Old Samples and Tutorials

Find a list of older Samples and Tutorials

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  1. The link that's supposed to go to dynaLearn ("easyLearn with easyTravel") goes nowhere - just back to this same page.

    1. Thanks Rob. It was pointing to a page that does no longer exist. In that case Confluence simply creates a link to the current page. I replaced the link with the YouTube Tutorial I created - that should hopefully give people some ideas on what they can do with easyTravel