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PeopleSoft 8 Sensor Pack


This Knowledge Sensor Pack can be used to help quantify and diagnose performance issues related to PeopleSoft and Jolt specific code.



dynaTrace Diagnostics Version

>= 5.5



dynaTrace BSD


Not Supported



  1. Save the attached file locally to the computer where the dynaTrace Diagnostics Client is installed.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. In the dynaTrace Diagnostics Client, right-click on the Diagnostics Server and select 'Preferences...'.
  4. Click on "Sensor Packs".
  5. Click on the "Import..." button.
  6. Select "Custom Sensor Type (*.dtdcs)" in the "Files of type" dropdown.
  7. Navigate to the directory where you extracted the .dtdcs file and click "Open".

You can confirm successful import by observing the PeopleSoft Sensor Pack in the Sensor Packs Panel. This Knowlege Sensor Pack is now Placed and Active within all System Profiles on this Diagnostics Server.

Exercise the PeopleSoft 8 application.

To further understand the usage and user activities in context to PeopleSoft, specific Servlet attributes can be captured. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Right Click on the configuration in which you wish to add Servlet attributes and select "Properties...".
  2. In the left hand panel expand/select "All Agents" or the specific Application Instance that pertains to PeopleSoft.
  3. Select "Sensor Configuration".
  4. Find the "Servlets" Sensor Pack in the "Sensor Configuration" list.
  5. Click on"Properties" in the "Options" column.
  6. Within the "Configure Sensor Properties" dialog, click on the "Add" button below the "Attribute Capturing" section (lower half).
  7. A new entry will appear under the "Source" column in the "Attribute Capturing" list. Select "Parameter" from the drop down if it is not already selected.
  8. Type the term "Page" in the corresponding "Query" column
  9. You have now added the "Page" parameter. Follow steps 6-8 to add the following additional parameters:
    • FolderRef
    • PortalActualURL
    • cmd
    • PanelGroupName
    • Menu
    • menugroup
    • ICType
    • ICScripProgramName
  10. Select OK.

If you have followed the steps correctly, your Servlet Sensor Properties screen should look like this:

You will need to deploy this change into your application by either performing a Hot Sensor Placement or restarting your Application.

Note ** - Some of these parameters may not be valuable to all PeopleSoft deployments, Please remove unnecessarily parameters after usage depicts the value of capturing each parameter.

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  1. Does this also work for Peoplesoft 9.2?

    1. It will probably work. However - this Sensor Pack is from 2008 and hasnt been updated. with the advances in dynaTrace since then I assume that out-of-the-box support for Peoplesoft will be much better now than it was before. Therefore I would give it a try without the Sensor Pack. What you could definitely do is define the same servlet parameters to be captured as I assume they may still be relevant and interesting in Peoplesoft 9.2


      If you give this package a try let us know how it works for you so that we can update the version information accordingly

  2. Hi Andreas,

    You mention "that out-of-the-box support for Peoplesoft ". I can't seem to find any documentation related to monitoring PSFT in DT. Can you help me with a link or basic information?

  3. Hi Ken.

    With that I mean that you dont have to do anything special. Just setup your dynaTrace Agents for Peoplesoft - basically just as you would do for any other Java-based Application. You can either use the Add Tier Wizard or create your own Tier in your System Profile. If you are new to dynaTrace let me know and I can also point you to some getting started material on how to configure dynaTrace and Agents.

    What I said before was that with the current out-of-the-box capabilities of dynaTrace it is probably not necessary anymore to have most of these custom sensors defined. Our Auto Sensors will take care of capturing problems in Peoplesoft in case they are performance related. The only thing you probably still want to do is edit your Servlet Sensor Properties to capture these parameters as described on this page. These parameters - once captured by dynatrace - will give you additional root cause information.

    Let me know if this makes sense or whether you need more help


  4. Will this sensor pack work with AppMon 6.5?


    1. I think it should still work. You need to go to Server Settings -> Sensors -> Import Sensor Pack

  5. I went to import and AppMon 6.5 only accepts file extensions of .dtks and .dtcs and the file within this pack is a .dtdcs.  I renamed to the dtcs extension and it imported successfully but when I go to the Sensor Configuration page the "Properties" link for that sensor pack is not there and when I right click on the sensor the properties option is grayed out.

    1. Hi Michael

      This is a Sensor Pack that simply defines Method Sensor Rules. There are no additional properties you can specify. Once you place that Sensor Pack in your System Profile Dynatrace will instrument these methods configured in that SEnsor Pack. You can see the methods through the Server Settings -> Sensor Packs

      The screenshot on this page talks about the Servlet Sensor Properties Dialog. The Servlet Sensor allows you to specify which additional HTTP Requests Parameters / Attributes / ... Dynatrace should capture for you


  6. Thanks again Andi for the perfect explanation.