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You are responsible to setup proper alerting for your production environments? You use Nagios, SCOM or want to send out SMS or create tickets in external systems? Download the following plugins and extend your Dynatrace Platform with new capabilities

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Telegram Plugin

Integrates the incidents of Dynatrace AppMon with Telegram

Extended EMail Action Plugin

This plugin provides more flexibility when it comes to sending email action alerts. You have full control over the email message that gets send and can also specify additional filtering options e.g: just send the email when the Incident comes from a specific agent or server

Generic Execution Plugin

The Generic Execution Plugin executes any configurable command or web service.
It can be used as a Monitor, Task or Action depending on if a measurement should be received, a task should be regularly performed or a command/web service should be executed in case of an incident.
If used as a monitor it matches the command's/web service's output against a regular expression and simply returns a success state if a match was found.

xMatters Plugin

This plugin allows Dynatrace AppMon incidents to be forwarded to xMatters

Real Time Data Feed Listener

Implements a listener for the Real Time Business Transaction Data Feed Feature of Dynatrace. It allows you to easily get LIVE metrics from Dynatrace. Can for instance be used during any automated test to enrich your reports!

UEM PureLytics Heatmap

JavaScript Browser Extension to visualize UEM User Action Clicks as a Heatmap. To be used with Browser Extensions such as Greasemonkey

Generic Measure Monitoring Plugin

This plugin opens an HTTP REST Endpoint so that external tools such as JMeter, Load Runner, Synthetic Monitoring Tools ... can FEED measures into Dynatrace.

Slack Integration Plugin

Slack integration for Dynatrace. This plugin will post incidents to a channel you have defined through a Slack WebHook.

Elasticsearch Fastpack

The Dynatrace FastPack for Elasticsearch provides a plugin for Dynatrace which collects various metrics from an Elasticsearch Cluster and sends them to a Dynatrace instance. It also provides a System Profile and a sample Dashboard which visualizes some of the metrics.

HipChat Incident Message Plugin

This plugin can send Dynatrace Application Monitoring incident messages to a HipChat chat channel.

Redmine Action plugin

The Redmine Action Plugin integrates dynaTrace in your existing Redmine ticketing system. The plugin creates a new Redmine issue for alerts triggered by dynaTrace and includes detailed information about the incident in the created Redmine ticket.

The plugin is based on the Redmine Java API project:

HPOO Action Plugin

The HPOO Action Plug-in will allow you to call the HPOO REST interface to execute a specified work flow. Just add Action to your desired dynaTrace incident.

Citrix NetScaler Monitoring Plugin

Retrieve statistics from a Citrix NetScaler service using the NITRO API

PagerDuty Action Plugin

Allows dynaTrace incidents to be forwarded to PagerDuty via PagerDuty REST API.

Checks the API URL first using a GET request then processes the incident using POST.

Version 1.1 - Now with auto-resolving incidents!

Windows Event Log Action Plugin

The Windows Event Log Action Plugin enables dynaTrace to forward incidents into the Microsoft Windows Event Log.

Growl Alerting Plugin

This plugin allows sending dynaTrace incidents to Growl over the network.

DB Query Monitor Plugin

The monitor returns the row count from the specified query and up to 10 column values of the "top" row if desired (must be numeric value). There is also an additional measure detailing whether the connection to the database was successful or not

JBoss 7 Datasource Monitoring Plugin

This plugin will help you capture the datasource statistics in "Jboss 7" or "Jboss EAP 6" using the new REST based Jboss management console. Once you capture the measure you can chart on the data.

License Count

The license count plugin queries the agent overview to get the licenses being currently utilized by technology.

Windows CPU and Memory Action Plugin

The Action plugin will send an email with Process and CPU information about a Windows System via PS Tools. The plugin is hard coded to look at the pslist command at C:\PSTools\pslist.exe on the dynaTrace Server.

Email Report Action Plugin

The Email Report Action Plugin allows you to send the PDF version of a dashboard as part of an incident.

SSH Action Plugin

The SSH Client Action Plugin executes any arbitrary command or script on any SSH accessible remote machine. It can be used as an Incident Action plugin to perform some action on a remote machine as a result of an incident triggering.

TCP Port Monitor Plugin

The TCP Port Monitor plugin creates a stream socket that connects to the specified port on the named host. It returns the status of the port as a measure.

JIRA Action Plugin

The JIRA Action plugin integrates dynaTrace in your exisiting JIRA ticketing system. The plugin creates a new JIRA Issue for Alerts triggered by dynaTrace and includes detailed information about the Incident in the created JIRA Ticket.

Nagios Alerting Plugin

This plugin allows dynaTrace to send alerts to a Nagios server using NSCA. Alerts can be posted locally or remotely to Nagios. This plugin based on the jsendnsca java library and tested with Nagios, OP5, Icinga.

 Special thanks to Peter Szegedi, who helped me in connection with Nagios and NSCA configuration.

SMS Notification Plugin

The dynaTrace SMS Notification Plugin enables dynaTrace to send notifications, such as alerts of incidents, via SMS to cell phones.

SCOM Action Monitoring Plugin

This action plugin enables pushing dynaTrace Incident data to System Center Operations Manager 2007 - 2012



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