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The automation plugin enables FULL Automation of AppMon by leveraging the REST interfaces of the Dynatrace AppMon Server. The automation plugin includes Gradle tasks to execute the following actions on the Dynatrace AppMon Server.


Plugin Details



Supported Dynatrace Versions

>= 6.3

Supported Gradle Versions

Gradle 2.14+



Installation / Usage 

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Install and Usage

 Follow the instructions available on the Plugin Github page.


Available Gradle tasks


Server Management

  • DtSensorPlacement - Performs a Hot Sensor Placement
  • DtGetAgentInfo - Returns information about a connected Agent
  • DtEnableProfile - Enables or disables a System Profile
  • DtActivateConfiguration - Activates a Configuration of a System Profile
  • DtRestartServer - Restarts a dynaTrace Server
  • DtRestartCollector - Restarts a collector
  • DtStorePurePaths - Store current Live Session

Session Management

  • DtClearSession - Clears the Live Session of a System Profile
  • DtReanalyzeSession - Reanalyzes a stored session
  • DtStartRecording - Starts session recording for a specified system profile
  • DtStopRecording - Stops session recording for a specified system profile

Test Management

  • DtStartTest - Sets meta data information for the Test Automation Feature and provides the DtStartTest.testRunId necessary to support parallel builds. The DtStartTest.testRunId value needs to be passed to the agent instrumenting the JVM that's executing the tests. 

Resource Dumps

  • DtMemoryDump - Creates a Memory Dump for an agent
  • DtThreadDump - Creates a Thread Dump on an agent


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