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The Business Transaction Row Count plugin queries a Business Transaction Dashboard to return the number of rows/splittings in the table.  

The plugin supports both HTTP and HTTPS.



Name and Version

Business Transaction Row Counter 2.0.1

Compatible with

dynaTrace Application Monitoring 4.2+


Daniel Pohanka (


dynaTrace BSD

dynaTrace Experimental Software License

Support Level

Not Supported




The Business Transaction Row Count plugin queries a Business Transaction Dashboard to return the number of rows/splittings in the table.  

Release History

2014-12-03 Initial Release

2015-05-11 Version 2.0.1

2016-04-11 Version 2.1.0

New in Version 2.1.0

  • Additional filter option in the plugin monitor setup - utilize the same dashboard for multiple monitors
    • Filter on timeframe
    • Filter on a Business Transaction
    • Filter on a System Profile
  • Removal of URL input from setup
    • Replaced with individual input fields
    • URL is auto-built during plugin execution


New in Version 2.0.1

  • Support for counting rows in a business transaction table and a chart table
  • Counting the number of unique rows and number of instances per unique splitting (i.e. Business Transaction split by date and user, returns the number of users per date as long as date id the first splitting, or number of dates for the user when user is the first splitting) 
  • Returning 0 when when no measure for the time frame is available to measure averages accurately 

Installation and Configuration


  1. Configure a Business Transaction or measure of which the number of splittings will be returned by this plugin.

  2. Create and save a Dashboard with the Business Transaction or Chart table, as a dashboard on the dynaTrace server. Make sure the maximum number of lines per table is larger than the number of splittings, or the xml will be cutoff. Once the dashboard is saved, use a web browser to navigate to the http://server_name:8020, by default, or https://server_name:8021, if you are using HTTPS. Once at the home page, navigate to View Dashboard & Reports -> Business Transaction Row Count Dashboard (or whatever you named it) -> Details -> Report Type is XML -> Create Report. Use this URL on the Monitor tab.

  3. Install and Configure the Plugin  


Once the plugin is installed and created, create a new monitor.


The plugin now uses the host you selected for the monitor. It uses the Address block of that host. You may need to change this, if it doesn't work by default.


The number of splittings in the Business Transaction can now be monitored and used for alerting.



Please feel free to contribute any changes on Github


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  1. I have been trying and not working. I am not sure what to do. Thoughts?  Where are the logs stored?  error message: plugin error.  detailed error message: plugin internal error


    1. The logs are stored under the collector where you are executing the plugin.
      There will be a log with the name of the plugin. 

      Could you please turn in fine logging for the plugin and send me the log? 

      1. fixed now that I knew where log was.  Thanks so much!

        1. Great! Please let me know if you have any other challenges with the plugin. 

  2. Hello,


    Is this plugin currently supported for version 6.3?  I've got it configured on a collector instance and it's failing to execute (internal plugin error) and not writing to log (set to FINE).  The plugin was working with 6.2.  

    Please let me know how to proceed, or what additional information I can provide you.

    1. The issue here was the fact that starting in version 6.3 the dynaTrace server, on default, does not allow HTTP requests to authenticate, but only HTTPS.

      Option 1: In the plugin properties / monitor configuration, select "https"  in the Protocol field and enter HTTPS port in the Port field (default: 8021)

      Option 2: Enable HTTP authentication requests to the dynaTrace server rest interface.
      Settings -> Dynatrace Server Settings -> Services -> Management  -> uncheck "Accept authentication data only with HTTPS" 



  3. Hey Dan,

    I just recently installed version 2.1.0 of this plugin within multiple 6.1 and 6.3 environments.  Interestingly, what I found is that when I go to configure the related monitor within the 6.1 environments, the Business Transaction Row Counter does not show up as an option where it does within the 6.3 environments.  Has anyone else reported this issue or do you perhaps know the reasoning behind this?



  4. Hi 

    When trying to install this plugin (2.1.0) on 6.2.8 and 6.2.14, after decelerating all the vars in the properties it cant be access againg nor can be seen in the select monitor type window.    

    in  the sever.log the follows errors is shown 


    WARNING [PluginDispatcher] Missing role extension in repository: com.dynatrace.BusinessTransactionRowCounter.monitor

    WARNING [PluginDispatcher] Failed to load extension with id: com.dynatrace.BusinessTransactionRowCounter.monitor. Exception: com.dynatrace.diagnostics.pde.PluginException: loading class com.dynatrace.BT.Row.CounterMonitor caused error: com/dynatrace/BT/Row/CounterMonitor : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0

    any suggestions? 


    1. 2.0.1 from github works just fine

      1. This appears to be a java compatibility challenge. What version of java are you running on your Dynatrace AppMon server and collector?

        1. Hi Daniel

          This is a windows machine which runs the server and the collector on it and there is no other java install on that machine except the java of DynaTrace AppMon 6.2 and the java version is:

          E:\dt\dynaTrace 6.2\jre\bin>java -version
          java version "1.7.0_80"
          Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_80-b15)
          Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 24.80-b11, mixed mode)


          1. Thank you for the detailed information. This really helped! 
            I recompiled the plugin to make it compatible with Java 1.7 and tested it locally. 

            Please download the new 2.1 plugin again and let me know if you have any further issues. 

            1. Hi Daniel 

              Now its work just fine!

              Thanks a lot for your help.

              And if we already have this chat maybe you can help me to understand if there is a way to count unique lines per key value (.i.e. count number of unique user per department)?


              1. Happy Friday Yos.

                Yes. That is the count instances option in the plugin.

                You need to have a business transaction with 2 splittings; the key value needs to be the first splitting (i.e. split by department and users). 

                When you then select count instances in the plugin, the plugin will count the number of unique users per department.

                Hope this helps. 

                1. Hi Daniel 

                  Yes it helped and its work - HALLELUYAH!!

                  Have a great weekend