This appendix outlines Dynatrace support for installation and operation on a VMware virtual machine.

Before considering using VMware, carefully consider the following capabilities and constraints during planning and deployment:

  • VMware support is defined as the ability of the Dynatrace product component to install and operate on a VMware virtual machine.

  • A VMware virtual machine must comply with the system requirements for the Dynatrace product component(s) running on it. For both, the AMD and the Report Server deployments, you must ensure that the virtual machines have sufficient resources, that can exceed the stated system requirements due to the volume of data being collected and analyzed. For more information, see General Hardware Requirements.

  • The Dynatrace components support operation on VMware virtual machines only. Other virtual machine mechanisms are not supported.

  • In a virtual environment, filtering and de-duplication in the NIC driver is not possible because NICs are virtualized and there is direct hardware access possible for the driver. So all filtering and de-duplication occurs after packets have already been copied from memory to memory two or three times. This may have a large effect on AMD throughput and resource usage.

  • It is not possible to use the SSL accelerator card in a virtual environment because SSL card vendors, for security reasons, do not support VMware environment.

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