You can import the entire configuration from XML files, or selectively import specific configuration settings. The imported configuration becomes Draft by default.

After an AMD is listed as one of the managed devices in a RUM Console, you can import a set of AMD configuration settings from an XML file.


If you are importing older configurations for global settings and services (applications.xml) and for predefined software services (protocols.xml), they will be upgraded to validate against the XML schema installed on the RUM Console.

To import an AMD configuration:

  1. Start and log on to RUM Console.

  2. Select Devices and Connections ► Manage Devices from the top menu, to display the current device list.

  3. Select Open configuration from the context menu for an AMD.
    The AMD Configuration screen is displayed.

  4. Click Edit as Draft to set your configuration to draft mode (if you are not in draft mode already).

  5. In the upper-right corner of the screen, click the Import Configuration import icon icon.

  6. On the Import AMD Configuration screen, select the check boxes for the configuration files to import and click Browse for each selected file to find and to select the XML file for that configuration.

    File descriptionFile name
    Global Settings and Software Services{prefix}applications.xml
    Sequenced Transactions{prefix}page2trans.xml
    Pre-Defined Software Services{prefix}protocols.xml
    Network Analyzer Agent Settings{prefix}avagt.xml
    Flow Collector Settings{prefix}nfc.xml
  7. Click OK to import the configuration from XML files.