You can narrow the monitoring scope by specifying the IP address ranges for monitored servers.

To narrow the range of monitored servers:

  1. Start and log on to RUM Console.

  2. Select Devices and Connections > Manage Devices from the top menu, to display the current device list.

  3. Select Open Configuration from the context menu for an AMD.

    The AMD Configuration window appears.

  4. Click Edit as Draft to set your configuration to draft mode (if you are not in draft mode already).

  5. In the Configuration tree, select Software Services > Autodiscovered Software Services.

  6. Click the Server Ranges tab on the Default Software Services pane.

  7. In the table of IP addresses, right-click to open the context menu and choose Add.

    You can add as many ranges as needed.


    Ranges defined in this section apply to monitoring Default Software Services only.
  8. Edit the IP addresses of the newly added range.

    Note that the range is inclusive: the specified addresses and all of the addresses between them will be monitored.

  9. Publish the draft configuration on the monitoring device.

What to Do Next

When you define server and client ranges, be sure not to filter everything out or there will be no data in your reports.


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