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  1. Hello,

    Is my second time download the ISO Files but the iso "apm120400rumdc.iso" everytime i check the checksum md5 is different.

    Checksum publish in the download webpage is "c1eb206468f8ecd89f5b66f5f420c545 *apm120400rumdc.iso"

    Checksum checked in the software MD5 is "7e75f8ebcf15ca09158db8ec26af07f5" 

    NO match MD5. Would it be a mistake the md5 publish in the webpage?



  2. Hi! I'm passing your question to RelEng.

  3. Carlos, there was an issue with the previous md5.

    A new MD5 is uploaded.  And the hash is now correct. Thanks for your input!

  4. There used to be a link to download the full pdf documentation set with a search tool. Will that be added to the this documentation set?


  5. John, see the note above: 

    Need offline access to the doc? Use the advanced export plugin. Go to Tools and select Export to PDF or Export to HTML. You can export a single page or page with its children in the form of a book styled PDF or multi page HTML Webhelp.

    We do not produce a PDF book set anymore, moving solely to the online information.


  6. Thanks Jaroslaw,

    I wanted all of the documentation available via pdf as it is easier to read and we don't always have internet access. The search utility was very handy for finding information in the pdf files. I'm sorry to see it discontinued. I see the pdfs are also removed from the iso file.

    1. John, try the PDF export. We worked on the PDF export to provide experience as close to our previous PDFs as possible. Regarding the PDF and the search index , we still have this functionality at hand. I'll see into that and let you know what we can do. We won't be able to replicate the exact book set, but a theme based PDF set with accompanying  search index is still possible.

      1. Jaroslaw,

        I Tried the PDF export from the tools menu at the top of this page - very cool! I created a PDF of all of the documentation and it looks very useable and complete. I'll still use the community whenever possible, but reading a topic from beginning to end is very helpful too. Now I can get the updated documents in PDF format whenever I want it. Searching works well since you can use the PDF search when the created document is open. The old search utility was necessary due to the number of PDFs there used to be. Now you can search all of the topics in the single PDF document that is created (all 1715 - pages when I created it).

        Thanks, John

        1. Great! I'm glad you like it. Thanks for the input, we really appreciate your feedback!

  7. Hi, I was looking for the Trace Trimmer documentation. But the pages don't exist for 12.4.6. Is it expected or missing? Thanks

    1. Hi! Trace Trimmer is a DNA feature. The DNA doc is maintained in a separate space. Have a look at Focusing traffic captures with Trace Trimmer.