Use the Speed dial dashboard for quick access to frequently used reports.

Access alternatives

  • On the CAS, click 

  • On the CAS, click and select Dashboard from the menu

Speed dial contents and management

Featured tab

If you have not selected any reports as favorites, this is a default tab of the Speed dial.

The Featured tab shows new reporting capabilities introduced in the latest release of DC RUM or reports recommended in a particular DC RUM installation. The list of reports available from the Featured tab cannot be modified.


Users with limited access to data displayed on the reports (Data Access Permission enabled) may not be able to see all of the reports listed on the Featured tab.

Application Health Status Application health status summary


Discovery icon Discovery - Overview report


Network Overview - Sites icon Network sites overview


Synthetic icon Synthetic overview


Citrix icon Citrix dashboard


VoIP icon VoIP overview


Data Explorer icon Data explorer


Applications dashboard icon Applications dashboard

Favorites tab

Use the Favorites tab to create your own speed dial for reports.

It starts out empty.

To add a report to your Favorites tab:

  • Open the report and click Add to favorites in the upper right corner, or

  • Find the report on the All reports tab of the Speed dial dashboard and click to select the report as favorite. 

To remove a report from your Favorites tab:

  • Click yellow star while viewing the report you want to favorite, or

  • Find the report in the Favorites tab and click yellow star for that report

All reports tab

This tab is a collection of links to reports provided with the product as example reports. The list includes the reports that can be accessed without drilling down from other reports (data displayed on these reports makes sense without any filters).

If you create and save your own report, it will be listed in the Custom reports section or in a section of your choice.

  • Click to add that report to your favorites

  • Click yellow star to remove that report from your favorites

  • Click to open Manage reports with that report selected

  • Click to edit the report

Use the Filter box to quickly filter the list of reports on the dashboard. Start typing to display only the reports containing your search string in the report name.

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