Before you begin

Before proceeding with a backup, ensure that there is enough free disk space to accommodate the backup file. The backup file size will be similar in size to the amount of storage used by the database. Verify the amount of available space can in the database properties (Size - Space available).

Running the backup

The report server is CAS and the default database name is CAS (or delta in older installations).

  1. Stop the report server service.

  2. Launch SQL Server Management Studio.
    From the Start menu, select Start ► Programs ► Microsoft SQL Server 2008 ► SQL Server Management Studio.

  3. Log in to the SQL Server Management Studio.
    A login screen prompts for your user name and password.

  4. In the Object Explorer, on the left side of the screen, select Databases and choose the database.
    The default database names for DC RUM components are:

    • CAS
    • ADS
    • CSS
    • CVA for RUM Console
  5. Right-click the report server database and choose Tasks ► Back Up.

  6. On the General page, remove any existing backup destinations by clicking Remove.

  7. Click Add to add a new backup destination.

  8. Specify the path and name of the file for the database backup and click OK.

  9. On the Options page, select Overwrite all existing backup sets.

  10. Click OK to start the backup process.
    The database will now be backed up.

  11. After the backup is complete, restart the report server service.


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