Set the user name and password to configure authorized HTTP and HTTPS access to the AMD from an external device, such as the report server or RUM Console Server.

The AMD RTMGATE user password is stored as a SHA-512 hash. To set the name and password, create the /usr/adlex/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/users.xml file in the following format:

 <?xml version='1.0' encoding='iso-8859-1'?>

  <role rolename="gate"/>

  <user name="user1" password="9ec62c20118ff506dac139ec30a521d12b9883e55da92b7d9adeefe09ed4e0bd152e2a099339871424263784f8103391f83b781c432f45eccb03e18e28060d2f" roles="gate"/>
  <user name="user2" password="291116775902b38dd09587ad6235cec503fc14dbf9c09cad761f2e5a5755102eaceb54b95ffd179c22652c3910dbc6ed85ddde7e09eef1ecf3ad219225f509f5" roles="gate"/>

The user tags contain the name and password attributes that define the user name and a SHA-512 hash of the password. Because the only defined role is gate, always set the role attribute to gate. Remember that for this file to work, it must comply with rules regarding the format of XML documents.

After you have made the changes, use the following commands to restart the AMD:

service rtmgate stop

service rtmgate start

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