Agentless Monitoring Device (AMD) is a network traffic monitoring device attached to mirrored ports of the core switches or to network tap devices. From this vantage point, AMD discovers all protocols, servers, ports, and users on the network and analyzes IP and non-IP traffic.

A single AMD allows for monitoring of complex networks using one or a number of monitoring devices. AMDs deliver data to Data Center Real User Monitoring report servers: each report server can read from multiple AMDs; one AMD can feed into multiple report servers. Report servers can also support redundant/fail-over AMDs.

AMD is capable of performing packet de-duplication, for packets seen on multiple interfaces of the same AMD. Additional de-duplication can be performed on report servers, if multiple AMDs observe the same IP packets.

AMD delivers complete measurements of traffic and performance for all the applications, servers and users using the network. Measurements are performed non-intrusively, for all actual network traffic, all the time. One or a few AMDs can cover instrumentation of virtually any enterprise network or website.

Agentless Monitoring Device provides you with:

  • True application/network user recognition

  • Transaction analysis (based on HTTP or XML)

  • Firewall and load balancer latency analysis

  • Firewall and load balancer session loss analysis

  • Network performance monitoring

  • Application traffic monitoring

  • Decryption and analysis of encrypted traffic

  • Analysis of a large number of protocols. For more information, see Supported Protocols.


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