AMD runs a number of services used for various aspects of application performance monitoring and DC RUM operations. If your security policy requires so, you can disable inactive services using chkconfig (RHEL 6) or systemctl (RHEL 7). 

 For example, chkconfig cba off or systemctl disable cba.

The compulsory services are rtm/rtmhs and rtmgate. Disabling them basically results in stopping your AMD.

To see the list of running services use the ndstat command on the AMD.

The AMD services are:

rtm, rtmhs 
Core monitoring process of Classic and High Speed AMD respectively. Generates monitoring data you see on most of the CAS reports. 

Communication interface for other Dynatrace components (RUM Console, CAS/ADS, AppMon Server). When you add an AMD as a device to RUM Console, you provide the rtmgate user credentials.

AMD performance monitoring process. Generates rtmperf.log. Classic AMD only.

NetFlow Collector. Generates data for monitoring based on NetFlow data. See 
Using AMD flow collectors for NetFlow analysis.

Keys management process for monitoring of decoded traffic. See Using KPA to make keys available to the AMD process.

Supplementary monitoring process generating data for ADS only. Converts operations to transactions.

Supplementary monitoring process. Generates operations for ADS for analyzers that do not identify them out of the box. Classic AMD only.

Service responsible for interactive configuration of the AMD using wizards. It enables you to capture packets on the AMD. See Selecting a traffic capture method to undersand available packet capture options.

Generates diagnostic data used in AMD statistics reports.


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